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Document Publication Management
To remain competitive in today's business environment companies are improving communications throughout the supply chain. This begins with eliminating paper based forms and transitioning to e-commerce enabled electronic versions of invoices, purchase orders, cheques, and statements. OPTIO software ensures that the content of the individual forms is created in color and can be easily read. It also manages the distribution of this content via email, fax, or web. Additionally Optio can tap into the ERP systems datastream and build reports that can be distributed when needed, searched, and printed as required.

Features of Optio Software
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Customized Information without customized programming - Customizes output from enterprise applications to create custom business and production documents to meet specific industry and customer requirements without custom programming.

Reliable delivery  -  Intelligently delivers information to a global network of digital destinations, including the Web, e-mail, fax, and laser thermal printers based on user defined business rules.

Dynamic Content - Information is formatted at runtime, creating highly optimized, dynamic documents.

Intelligent Processing - Rules-based, intelligent processing automatically produces the correct document or set of documents based on event-driven specifications.

Optio DesignStudio - Delivers state of the art visual document design and rules-based distribution tool, to provide point and click graphical user interface to visually specify all document variables and delivery locations, whether simple or complex.


Improve competitiveness and enhance overall business process by gaining control over the appearance and delivery of application output.

Route information electronically to designated laser and thermal printers, fax servers, and COLD storage systems, increasing enterprise efficiency.

Increase ROI for enterprise application investments by eliminating the need to outsource custom programming.

Streamline business processes by automatically generating appropriate document sets based on specific conditions for exporting, hazardous materials, shipping, terms and conditions, and attachments.