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Our Clients

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Key characteristics of our clients:

  • - recognize the risk in not leveraging IT to power their business forward.
  • - want an environment that is stable, secure, yet scalable to meet their ongoing business growth/needs
  • - have maximized the human process, and recognize throwing money at people to solve problems, is not the path
  • - are interested in building a foundation for growth, leveraging IT
  • - are business owners whose companies generate $10 - $150 Million in revenues annually
  • - are individuals who want to take advantage of what IT offers to streamline business process
  • - are open to new ideas and concepts, and value working with a team of experts – financial, distribution, manufacturing.

Inventory Levels

Can't figure out the right amount of Inventory to keep on hand? Inventory is the largest most valuable asset that a company has. Tracking it and ensuring optimal levels is imperative in order to stay competitive. How can you get control?  Contact Us.

Better Cash Flow

Managing cash in your business can often be a challenging activity.  A properly configured ERP system can make that task a simple one.  Contact Us and we'll get you on the road to good cash management.

Too much Paper

Stacks of papers everywhere.  Electronic Record Keeping makes more sense and is accepted by the government taxation agencies.  Thinking about going "Paperless"?  Contact Us we'll show you how.

Travel Less, Meet More

Find out more about LIfeSize High Definition Video Conferencing

Collaborating with engineers and developers overseas or across the country can be expensive given the time and money spent on travel and accommodations. The world is a smaller place now thanks to technology and specifically High Definition Video Conferencing.  Ask us how LifeSize Video Conferencing can save you money and give you more time in your day.