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Today, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a vital tool in the management and support of key business functions across an organization. Having access to real-time enterprise data, allows executives to make informed strategic and operational decisions, which are vital to drive the business forward. So is making the right selection in ERP for your business.

So why SYSPRO?

Single Product focus – SYSPRO is focused on the development of a single code base ERP for the mid-market client.  Corporate resources (people, money, time) are dedicated to this single vision, a clear differentiator from the majority of its competitors in the markets it serves.

14,000 customers strong – since 1978, SYSPRO has been delivering state-of-the –art business solutions to the mid-market manufacture and distributor, providing innovation to allow its customers greater efficiency and profitability.

Award winning functionality – SYSPRO is proud of the industry recognition bestowed upon it, whether for delivering superior customer value, market leading Implementation methodology, or for being the Top Software Company (2009). The key to this recognition is to provide a quality product and to partner with companies like Phoenix Systems to provide industry-best services for its clients.

Track record of success in mid-market – SYSPRO combines ease of use with depth of functionality at a price point attractive to the mid-market and has done so delivering this level of continuous improvement throughout its 30 years.

Market Leader – SYSPRO continues to thrive in the mid-market earning industry recognition and Top Software Company as recently as 2009.

Technology Driven – SYSPRO maintains a leading edge focus on technology, not bleeding edge, allowing customers to succeed through the years by bringing the best of technology to its business application suite, and building on a framework for future growth.

Flexibility – with SYSPRO’s full suite of module functionality and extended solutions, businesses can easily add functionality and technical capability, tailoring the solution as they need and as they grow their business.

Business Process Management – SYSPRO’s BOM process produces a high ERP ROI by elevating operational efficiencies to new levels through the consideration of a company’s unique business process requirements; and by automatically aligning and re-energizing them during the ERP implementation phase by enabling future business process remodeling necessitated by changing market conditions.

Simplifying Your Success – SYSPRO’s ease of use, simplified navigation through a Fluid interface, allows users to modify the behavior of the SYSPRO application resulting in a highly personalized, configurable system designed to adapt and change as your business requirements evolve.