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The SYSPRO® Enhancement Series

These enhancement modules are developed specifically to meet the needs of SYSPRO® users and are seamlessly integrated. Extend your SYSPRO® enterprise software with these simple to install, easy to use and affordable modules.

Advanced Planner – (MTO/ETO) New Version
Provides a full requirements review with multi-level pegging to the sales order, job order or stock code for MTO/ETO

EFT Remittance
A great addition to SYSPRO’s EFT module, this application e-mails a Remittance advice to each supplier paid in an EFT batch. All supplers paid in a batch are notified using company e-mail. SYSPRO®‘s EFT module does not handle automatic e-mail to supplier

Advanced Cycle Count

Increases inventory accuracy and works with the SYSPRO® stock take system to add more detailed control and historical data to the cycle count process! Randomly selects stock codes for each Cycle Count, whether daily, weekly or monthly, based on an Annual Count Frequency set up by ABC Class.

Contract Billing

Automates and expands contract complex billing requirements such as; service contracts, subscription billing and equipment leases. Individualized billing cycles and contract termination dates for each contract.


Integrates SYSPRO® shipping information to UPS WorldShip® (FedEx Ship Manager Option coming Q4 2010). Updates Customer Service automatically with the freight charges and tracking numbers for each sales order shipment.

EZ Data Conversion

Greatly simplifies data conversion work and reduces cost. Efficiently converts legacy systems to SYSPRO® using ASCII or Excel formats for 25 different files. Advanced Invoice Consolidation. Greatly reduces clerical work for large volume invoice processing. Consolidates invoices and payments for all sub-accounts to the master account and to multiple ship-to addresses.

Positive Pay
Prevents fraud by limiting bank payments to an authorized list by payee/check; in Canada known as “Electronic Payment Protection”.

Advanced Quote
It produces a supplier RFQ from SYSPRO®‘s Quotation Module. The RFQ is then automatically broadcast to all eligible suppliers for a quick response which is posted to the Quote Manager’s Workbench. The Quote is then adjusted to compute the lowest priced part or the shortest lead time.


Cyberstore 2 for SYSPRO

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Imagine a Fully Integrated Storefront that Works With Your Business

CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO is the web solution to sell your stock items online with real-time, integrated e-Commerce shopping cart capabilities that meets your company’s Business-to-Consumer (B2C), Business-to-Business (B2B), and/or Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) requirements.

Create unsurpassed design
Develop a site that exceeds today’s expectations
Motivate your customers purchasing decisions
Serve your customers with their preferred pricing
those that will become your customer

Real-Time B2C & B2B e-Commerce

Built on SYSPRO technology, CyberStore 2 does much more than publish your SYSPRO ERP data online; it works with SYSPRO using the same business-logic you use to run your business in the back-office.

With CyberStore 2 for SYSPRO You Can...

  • Create an unlimited list of product categories to match how you want your products presented
  • Enhance product descriptions and images that help market items being sold
  • Provide online product search, including customer stock code cross-reference, making items easier to find
  • Show list price or customer specific pricing is applied
  • Link products to detailed specifications, or any web page
  • Show quantity availability in real-time
  • Sell in multiple units of measure
  • Sell zero priced items such as samples
  • Base shipping costs on order value, volume or weight,
  • Available Real-Time UPS Shipping Module (Add-On)
  • Sell in multiple currencies
  • Accept credit cards with or PayFlow Pro
  • Accept drop ship orders from B2B customers
  • Reduce data capture errors by eliminating double en-try
  • Relate items for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Provide online order status to your customers
  • Allow customers to review order history online
  • Create web-based promotion incentives
  • Allow site visitors to store account preferences
  • Dealer locator allows users to find the closest dealer by zip code
  • Powerful content engine provides a dynamic user experience and allows the web designer complete control of the site’s look-and-feel



Floor and Wall Covering

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SYSPRO is a powerful and flexible solution that can grow as your business expands. Its modular design allows you to choose the features that best suit your business and add modules as your business evolves. Regardless of whether you are a ceramic tile importer and distributor or a carpet and wall covering wholesaler, SYSPRO has the flexibility to match your business needs.


  • Completely Integrated Financial and Distribution modules
  • Multi Company, Branch and Currency
  • Electronic Funds Transfers
  • GL drilldown to source
  • Ability to Purchase, Stock and Sell in multiple units of measure
  • Complete management of Die and Roll Lot Histories
  • Mobile Applications for Picking, Packing, Inventory Movements and Stock Take
  • Barcode Solutions
  • Multiple costing method choices
  • Trade Promotions module to increase control and efficient management of promotions, thereby reducing time-consuming reconciliations and improving accuracy and profitability.
  • EDI Interface
  • Landed Cost Tracking
  • Analytics Tools
  • Real Time Dashboards and Smart Device Connectivity


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