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Phoenix Systems serves a wide range of industries across accounting, distribution and manufacturing using SYSPRO ERP.

We recognize that your company's uniqueness is its competitive edge and we understand that there is no perfect single industry or vertical solution. Consequently, choosing SYSPRO as your ERP system provides a multi-dimensional approach tailored for vertical requirements where your products and services fit within a supply chain and your business model.

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    Phoenix Systems provides wholesalers and distributors with an enterprise-wide business solution to maximize control over operations and inventory and better service customers. It's ideal for companies that need quick order entry procedures, visibility of the operation from the order entry screen, and extensive lot and serial tracking capabilities. In addition to extensive shipping and multi-warehousing management capabilities.

    Phoenix Systems is well suited to single and multi-site domestic and international distributors and provides SYSPRO software which features blanket sales order release management along with real time product configuration. It also helps to maximize purchasing control and ensure quality via a requisition-to-purchase order feature and two-step inspection of inventory processes. The software tracks shipments, customer returns and all costs involved in landing materials into the warehouse. Importers appreciate this ability as well as the accommodation of numerous forms of taxation (i.e. VAT, GST etc.) and foreign currency controls.

    SYSPRO software offers an array of those features most sought by wholesalers and distributors. These include the ability to handle multiple pricing and discount levels, comprehensive sales history reporting, as well as support for fractional pricing and choice of inventory control methods. In addition, inventory tracking is greatly facilitated through Web-based ordering and the software's ability to accommodate bar code readers. Since these are real time, integrated systems, all information regarding purchase orders, sales orders, credit limits and inventory status is always available through real time processing.