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SYSPRO 7 Upgrade Methodology – Thorough Testing is Key to a Successful Go Live

Written by Sandra Stone:

SYSPRO V7 has a new Database structure, improved SRS printing capabilities, changes to how Custom Form Fields are managed within the system, and many new features and functionality.

These changes make it imperative that a test system and extensive testing of all programs, forms, reports , custom programs, integrations and 3rd party applications be a critical component of the upgrade.

Thorough testing, issue resolution and sign off is the best way to minimize the Go Live risk, and to enable a smooth go live, with minimal disruption to your users and your business.

Phoenix Systems has successfully used this methodology to assist many of our customers in upgrading to SYSPRO V7.

Thorough audit of your infrastructure, applications, documents and reports to ensure all key components are identified and addressed during upgrade. Experienced PM will assist in developing detailed upgrade plan.

  1. Assistance installing TEST SYSRO 7 system and converting your data
  2. Assistance in understanding new structure features and actions required to implement (addresses, Custom Form Fields, Server Side Printing)
  3. Assistance with 3rd Party applications that access SYSPRO database, to ensure version compatible with SYSPRO V7 is installed and tested
  4. Assistance modifying any documents and reports that will be effected by changes in the SYSPRO 7 database structure
  5. Training on new features in SYSPRO V7, and review processes to take advantage of new features, and automation and personalisation capabilities
  6. In depth training available on SYSPRO V7 Securities, System Administration, Power Tailoring
  7. Assistance in complete cycle testing of SYSPRO V7, to ensure all working correctly in preparation for go-live
  8. Assistance in all go live activities, including final database conversion to SYSPRO 7, and end user support
  9. Final review to confirm all is working correctly

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Installing the U/SQL Client Server License for ODBC (SYSPRO ISAM sites)

Written by Jenny Fong:

The ODBC license has a server and a client workstation component. The expiry date for your ODBC license is December 15.

To install the server license, go to the Syspro server.

Start Programs à USQL Client-Server àUSQL Server Manager


Go to the License Manager Tab and click the Create button


Enter the information under the heading U/SQL Server Connection(s) License of your License Form provided by Phoenix Systems. This is case-sensitive. Click Create license when completed.



Click I Agree


Click Yes to overwrite your existing license



Go to the Server Control tab and click Start Server. This will restart the ODBC services on the server.


The traffic light will turn green. Click Save and Exit


The server has now been updated. In order for the workstations to connect to the Syspro database, the ODBC client license must also be updated. Note that each workstation must use a different client license number. It is good practice to record which workstation has been allocated to each ODBC client license.

On the workstation, go to Start Programs à USQL-Client à License Tool


Remove the existing license


Click License Form to enter your new license number



Retrieve your client license from the License Form provided by Phoenix Systems


Enter the information and click Install when completed.   Click I Agree and close the final screen.


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