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Integrated Systems-The Way To Go For SMEs

As SME businesses grow, they often realize that certain internal processes fail to keep up with demand. The ability to scale the business effectively and efficiently while maintaining customer service and support is paramount to the success of the business.

Unfortunately, most companies try to solve these problems in the quickest, least expensive ways possible – procuring software that address these individual pain processes.

However, this typically leads to one of the biggest challenges facing growing organizations – a network full of disparate standalone databases or data centres, each running data that does not communicate with each other, and is also not integrated with the company’s ERP.

As the business continues to grow, these un-integrated systems create operational inefficiencies that can hinder the customer relationship and, ultimately, negatively impact the bottom line.

This invariably leads to:

• Wasted Employee Productivity
• Lack of Real-time Visibility
• Integration Cost Centres
• Customer Experience issues

On the other hand, here are some of the key areas in which growing companies can benefit from operating in an integrated environment:

• Process efficiency across the entire organization
• Real-Time Visibility and access to all data
• Significant IT time and cost savings

Using an enabling technology like e.Net to integrate bolt-on software or custom programs with your ERP solution quickly and easily enables companies to operate more seamlessly using one trusted single source of truth.

Sophisticated business software packages help you manage your data and operations. e.Net helps you manage and streamline your sophisticated business software packages.

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Integration Starts With e.Net

We at Phoenix Systems have come to realize that many companies, especially those in supply chain and manufacturing, use at least two business software applications that need to exchange information.

And given the e.Net framework on which SYSPRO is now built, customers are starting to want to connect external devices, such as tablets, smartphones and scanners, to their business software more and more.

Integration facilitates information sharing, reduces duplicate data entry and enables data to be stored in one place for consolidated reporting and analysis.

In other words, integration enables you to establish your Single Source of Truth.

So if you want to:

  •  Allow customers to email you orders, or place orders over the Internet, without having to recapture the information manually…
  • Let trusted suppliers update the status of an order on your system…
  • Perform a stock-take with a handheld device…
  • Enable web access so that your mobile workforce can query stock and place orders while on the road…
  • Integrate an industry-specific application with SYSPRO…

Check out some of the Benefits of SYSPRO e.Net.

In our opinion, e.Net is the absolute BEST value of any SYSPRO module, as it is a one-time purchase whose value can be easily amortized across virtually limitless applications.

Drop us a line or talk to your sales rep if you want examples of some real world applications that our customers are already using through the power of e.Net!

You’ll be glad you did…


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